I don’t know about you, but I absolutely LOVE DIY kits. They are usually (keyword: usually) less expensive than buying all the materials yourself, and are obviously easier just because everything, plus instructions, is right there for you. Therefore, today, we feature some of my favorite (and most usefully fun) kits I could find!

1. 1 Gallon Beer Equipment and Ingredient Kit –

    Complete Brew in a Bag Kit $

diy_beer_kit_brew_your_own_beerThis little beauty is a Make-Your-Own beer kit, which comes in four styles: Oh-My-IPA, Lucky Honey Lager, Irish Stout and Belgian Strong Ale. This is the perfect kit for those of us who have attempted to make our own brew (and failed!) or those of us who are interested in making a beer we know will be delicious (because someone already tested it!).The best part: this kit is reusable.
Cost: $34.99

Kit Includes: 

– Complete step-by-step and easy to follow Instructions
- 1 gallon glass carboy
- Carboy cap, 
- #6.5 rubber stopper
- 3-piece airlock
- Racking cane
- Racking cane clip
- Racking cane filter cap
- Floating 9″ thermometer
- Siphon tubing
- Siphon tubing shut-off clamp
- Specially formulated mixture of milled grains
- Hops
- Yeast
- Grain steeping bag
- Hop Steeping bag(s)
- Additional ingredients such as orange peel, coriander, candy sugar etc… when called for by the recipe
- No-Rinse Sanitizer


2. DIY iPhone 5 Needlepoint Case


This amazing DIY kit lets you be the master of what your phone case looks like. You can needlepoint any pattern you’d like! You can even add little charms as you go for some real creativity (charms are not included in kit.)
The best part: Total Freedom.
Cost: $12.00

Kit Includes:

- Plastic Mesh Phone Case
- You choose 4 colors of Embroidery Floss (8′ each)
- Embroidery Needle


3. Foxy Night Embroidery Kit

diy_embroidery_kit_foxy_nightThis adorable Foxy Night embroidery kit is the perfect present to get for yourself! Not only is this kit probably the cutest I saw on Etsy, the shop owner has EVEN MORE options that are almost as cute! I am biased because I looooove foxes, but she has hedgehogs and birds and all kinds of other cute animals.
The best part: the fabric has the pattern printed on it for even the newest of beginners!
Cost: $20.50

Kit Includes:

-One 5″ wooden embroidery hoop
-4 colors embroidery floss (2 yards each color) +2 yards practice floss
-Linen fabric with printed fox pattern, and practice linen 
-Embroidery needle
-Stitch Guide to 7 stitches, tips & techniques


 4. Earring Making Kit – 12 Pairs


This DIY Earring Making Kit is perfect when you want to start dabbling in creating the jewelry you wear on the day to day. All you have to do is create your own little pieces of art, or find some funky patterns online and print; you can even find some amazing pieces of fabric and wrap them around the beads to create an entirely different take on this DIY as well.
The best part: there are TWELVE pairs to create for only $8.00!
Cost: $8.00

Kit Includes:

-24 Earring Posts
-24 (12mm) Glass Domes
-24 Earring Backs


5. Lotion Bar Kit


I have tried making my own lotion bars before and never quite got the ratio down, but with a kit like this, I wouldn’t have to! The perfect amount of ingredients are already there. You can choose from five different scents: Sweet Orange, Honey Almond, Honey Almond Orange, Lavender and Citrus Mix.
The best part: You can make FIVE bars!
Cost: $9.00

Kit Includes:

-Coconut Oil
-Shea Butter
-5 Cupcake Liners
-20 Drops of Essential Oil


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