Is your bathroom constantly bringing your entire day down when you walk into it every morning? Not sure how to give your bathroom a luxurious revamp without the prices that come with luxury? Well worry no more! Here is a compiled list of simple, fun and more importantly, inexpensive modifications you can make to help bring up that drab bathroom that has been bringing you down.

1. Clean.

I know you do not necessarily want to hear that, however, it is necessary. With a cluttered and messy bathroom, it is going to make the start of your morning more of a chore than a simple task of washing your face and brushing your teeth.

Real Simple has a slideshow you can read relatively quick that explains 7 ways to deep clean your bathroom and make sure you are getting rid of those pesky germs that like to hang around.

germs in toilet

2. Curtain Call!

One of the easiest items to change in your bathroom, so why not change it?! There are endless options of what changing your shower curtain can do for your bathroom. You can add the pop of color your bathroom needs, a funky pattern you don’t dare try in any other room or you can even use 2 curtains to give a new dimension to the space.

It can be hard accessorizing with those pesky sliding glass doors on a bathroom, but not any more! Try adding curtains to sliding doors to add an air of elegance and class to your bathroom. Apartment Therapy has a lot of inspiring ideas to help jump start your brain into the right redesigning track!

curtain over lsiding doors

Even changing the curtain rings can add an entirely new dimension to your bathroom.

leather curtain ties

Of course you can always opt for a bright pop of color to help add pizzazz to your bathroom. Make the fabric a funky texture to further enhance the new vibe you are creating for your space!

color pop curtain

3. Dress up the walls, mirrors or sliding doors.

There are countless options of wall decals that you can find to help add that personal touch to your bathroom that it ever so needs. Thanks to Etsy and Target, there are inexpensive options that fit many different styles and some you can even personalize the quote yourself!


wall decal

4. Knobs

Now you can change the actual faucet and knobs in your shower, which of course would help revamp it, but a little easier and quicker route would be the drawer knobs!  At, you can view the entire slideshow of drawer knob alternatives, but here’s a few I thought were quite creative.

ribbon drawer handle

dino drawer knob


5. Towel Placement

You probably already have towels that you adore, either for their color or the way the feel, so you don’t have to go buying all new towels for this step. You can change up how your towels are displayed in your bathroom, or the guest towels for that matter. By hanging your towels off antlers, you are not only creating a theme for your bathroom, but many functional points to hand towels off of to dry!

antler towel rack

This idea is the best idea I think I may have ever come across! I mean, why haven't we all thought of hanging nice clothes hangers upside down for an even nicer towel rack??

hanger towel rack


6. Surprises Only for You

Maybe you aren't looking to wow guests who come into your bathroom, but you want just a little pick me up for yourself; well then these tub mats are the perfect way for you to do just that!

ducky bath matgoldfish_bathmat_1_1



Now I know what you’re thinking, ‘Hello.. I can’t get all of these items in one day AND revamp my bathroom!’ I agree! Unless you are a very crafty individual with a plethora of items available at your disposal. You can always make a weekend of it and hunt down your favorite trinkets for knobs, leather for DIY curtain rings or antlers for a shower rack. Then you can spend next Saturday, or whenever you get free day you don’t mind spending revamping, cleaning and enhancing your bathroom so it’s a place you want to wake up to and relax in at the end of the day.


[Curious where these inspirations came from? Click the images!]