Bitplay has come out with a lamp that will make clapper fans weep.... It's called the BANG! lamp, and it pretty much rules.

As a classic video game lover, the old Nintendo Duck Hunt game will always hold a special place in my heart. Now, imagine being able to use a similar plastic gun in your everyday adult life without feeling (too) ridiculous. It's possible with the BANG! desk lamp!

So, the BANG! lamp comes with a white plastic gun that you shoot at the lamp to turn it on and off. Pretty cool, huh? Even cooler, when you shoot the lamp to the off setting, the shade tilts off kilter as if it was hit by an invisible bullet! It also makes sweet bullet noises that sounds like canned gunfire from a bad 50s western.

The creators of the BANG! lamp were smart, because although the way it is used makes it a fun, kitchy lamp, the actual look of the lamp is sleek and modern, keeping it far away from the cheesy category.

Made in Japan and being sold in the United States and Canada for the first time this month, the BANG! lamp does come with a bit of a price tag at $299; although if you order today (black Friday) you get free shipping (not a whole lot of savings, but hey it's something!).

Below are some pictures and video of the BANG! lamp so that you can check it out for yourself!




For a preview:


What do you guys think of the new BANG! desk lamp? I love it!