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All About Wood Plank Porcelain

Posted by Amber F on 11/27/2014 to All About Stone
Tile that looks like wood, wood look tile, wood tile planks- What exactly is wood plank porcelain tile? Wood plank porcelain tile is tile that looks like wood but is made from porcelain. With wood plank porcelain tile, you can enjoy the beauty of a floor with a hard wood aesthetic, but with the easy care of porcelain tile. Because of the somewhat exhaustive maintenance required with hard wood floors, wood plank porcelain tiles have become a popular choice in homes today.

All About Limestone

Posted by Amber F on 11/22/2014 to All About Stone
Limestone is formed by the accumulation of the mineral calcite which comes from various organisms such as clams, corals, and various organisms over thousands of years.

Is Travertine Perfect for You?

Posted by Amber F on 11/13/2014 to All About Stone
Travertine is great for those who desire old world charm with a modern twist. It is made of limestone, a rock produced from quarries all over the world. Because travertine tile is a natural stone product, they are easy to cut and shape because they are made of a soft rock; because of this soft quality, travertine is ideal to work with when dealing with complex designs that need craftsmanship.

All About Travertine Tiles

Posted by Amber F on 11/9/2014 to All About Stone
Are you considering a home make-over? One luxurious option you have is to pick out travertine as your flooring treatment. These flooring tiles have a natural depth and stone color which is considered a great addition to the aesthetic value of one’s home. Travertine flooring has a lot of advantages but it also has some limitations. Evaluating your needs, requirements as well as your lifestyle is the key to keeping your flooring tiles functioning at its maximum.

Porcelain vs. Travertine: Which Tile is Right for You?

Posted by Amber F on 8/27/2014 to All About Stone
Porcelain vs. Travertine: Which Tile is Right for You?
When considering tile for your home or business, it’s important to know the differences between porcelain and travertine tile in order to determine the best fit for you

Tile of the Day: Novana Crema

Posted by Admin on 9/24/2012 to All About Stone

As you're wandering through the corridors of your city's local art museum on a rainy day, the mist from your umbrella falls to the floor and gleams there radiantly. You glance down and notice that the floor itself is a work of art, Novana Crema polished porcelain. The creamy marble waves that ripple through the 24x24 inch tile shine brilliantly off of the polished finish. And because porcelain is so low maintenance, you are sure this inspiring tile would be a great fit in your own home.

Hardwood v. Wood Plank Porcelain

Posted by Sam on 9/21/2012 to All About Stone
So you’ve decided to do away with your shabby carpet or worn linoleum in favor of the look of wood flooring, good for you! The next step is to determine which will be the best for your home: hardwood or wood plank porcelain. This article will outline the pros can cons of each choice so that you can make an informed and confident decision.

Tile of the Day: Luxor Earth

Posted by Admin on 9/21/2012 to All About Stone

The magnificence of nature can now be found in your home  with Luxor Earth glazed porcelain tile. Although beautiful, natures  earthy floors are messy, so skip the dirt and enjoy the splendor with  Luxor Earth. Featuring shades of tan found across the spectrum, this durable porcelain tile is sure to please where ever it is installed, whether it be the kitchen or bathroom floor, or even on a wall. In the convenient size of 18x18, Luxor Earth porcelain tile is more durable than any natural stone and is also stain and scratch resistant. Upgrade to this lovely, easy to clean tile for your home today.

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