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Autumn Mist Gauged Slate 12x12 | 16x16 | 24x24

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Autumn Mist Gauged Slate 12x12 | 16x16 | 24x24
Product Number: 1660
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* Available in Multiple sizes 12x12 , 16x16 , 24x24
* 16x16 Tile is 1.77 SQ Ft per each tile.
* 24x24 tile is 4 SqFt per each tile.

Spending fall weekends baking cinnamon spice cookies at your grandmothers cottage in the country is one of your fondest memories as a child. The rustic feel of the Autumn Mist Mosaic slate tile that lined her kitchen created a sense of warmth that made you never want to leave. In tones of cream, beige, charcoal, rust and everything in between, this easy to care for mosaic tile will give any room in your home that comforting feeling that you loved on those chilly November Sunday afternoons at grandma's house.

Best Used For:

Any interior or exterior wall and flooring for a commercial or residential setting. This can be used as a kitchen backsplash, bathroom shower wall or floor. Outdoor uses include garden or patio pathways and entrances.

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