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Autumn Slate | 12x12 | 16x16 | Gauged

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Autumn Slate | 12x12 | 16x16 | Gauged
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Autumn Slate Gauged Tile

Here is a unique tile piece that  exudes a warm feel to it via their fall-inspired
colors  - ochre, rust, beige and hints of blue-violet slate and peach. The tiles have an even surface but not smoothed out, giving it a rustic feel. This is a unique opportunity for a very specific design requirement.

Advantages of Autumn Slate

These 12x12 or 16x16 Gauged tiles are good in giving traction to the ground since the
surface is not too smooth. The gauged finishing gives you a level floor area
without losing its characteristic matte finish. Slate tile is appropriate for any tiling projects.

Best Used For:

Autumn Slate 12x12 or 16x16 Gauged is best used for walls and floors in outdoor
installations but they also do well in indoor surfaces.

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