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Avanos Onyx Travertine | Chiseled | Brushed | Versailles Pattern

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  • Price Per SQ Ft
  • Tumbled,Versailles Pattern
  • 416 Sq Ft per Pallet, Bundles of 8sqf, 2pc 8x8,2pc8x16,1pc16x24,1pc24x24
  • Application: Indoor, Outdoor, Floor, Wall

Order Sample

When you first laid eyes on the blue onyx tile floor in a business building, you fell in love with the complex color detailing and wonderful shine. This summer you've decided to remodel your kitchen and wanted to keep that lovely blue onyx in mind for flooring inspiration. Since onyx tile wasn't in your budget, you began looking at other options that still had that same onyx feel to them. Once you found Avanos Onyx Travertine tile, you knew that you had found the perfect match. Featuring a light grey base, charcoal overlay and moss and cream clouds throughout, this tile resembles onyx in a modern way. As an added bonus, you love the subtle complexity that the Versailles pattern brings to the space. The chiseled edges exude rustic charm while the brushed surface is the perfect combination of natural and smooth. Now, when you have guests over, the first thing they compliment you on is your beautiful floors and you smile, happy that everyone loves it just as much as you do.

Best Used For:

Avanos Onyx travertine tile can be used indoors in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and office buildings. It can also be used outdoors for applications such as garden walkways and patios.

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