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Bain Brook Brown Granite | 12x12 | Polished

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  • Application Indoor, outdoor, countertop, BBQ counter, floor, wall, Ceiling

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12x12 Field Tile


Stone Type: Granite


Country: China


Primary Color: Brown


Variations: Medium


Freezing Climate: Yes
Bain Brook
Brown Granite 12x12 Polished tiles are square tiles that are evenly specked in
white, tan, bits of black and brown. From afar, it resembles spotted granite
slabs. The smooth finish gives it a glassy feel.


Bain Brook Brown Granite 12x12 Polished square tiles are a great substitute for granite slabs since they are nearly as durable and water resistant. The glassy finish makes it very easy to clean and maintain plus the neutral color is very flexible for interior use.

Best Used For:

Bain Brook Brown Granite 12x12 Polished is best used for indoor installations, both for commercial and residential use. Perfect for kitchen countertops, office lobbies or great hall flooring. 

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