1. Strand-Woven Eucalyptus Lava | Hardwood Floor
Strand-Woven Eucalyptus Lava 5" Random
Strand-Woven Eucalyptus Lava 5" Random

Strand-Woven Eucalyptus Lava | Hardwood Floor

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Engineered Hardwood Flooring 5' Random Length with above 2000 psi Hardness. Great Color Great Price. All Matching trim are available
Product Number: 2230
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* Foor Type: Engineered Wood Plank
* Brand: Style Strand Woven
* Color: Lava
* Species: Eucalyptus Strand Woven
* Style: Smooth

A one room apartment downtown is the perfect place for you to live in the new city you moved to for your job. While you were apartment hunting, you came across this beautiful space with Eucalyptus Lava hardwood flooring. The dark honey colored floor added elegance and character to the already charming space, making it the perfect fit for you. You had always wanted hardwood flooring, and are so happy that your flooring dreams are finally coming true.

Best Used For:

Stand-Woven Eucalyptus Lava is both hypo-allergenic and eco-friendly, a great choice for a home with a large family. It is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and laundry rooms.

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