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Barrique Series | Vert | 4x24 | 8x24 | 4x40 | 8x40

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Vert, Woodplank, Porcelain Tile
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For your birthday you're going out to a vineyard for a day of fun and sight seeing. Once you get inside the on site winery, you notice how beautiful the décor of the wine tasting room is. The walls are painted a deep merlot and the floors are made of Vert Barrique wood plank porcelain flooring. At first, the simulated wood grain pattern on the tile has you second guessing whether or not this is porcelain tile or real hard wood flooring. Once you bend down to touch it, you note that the floor actually feels much like hard wood and ask an employee what the floors are made of. When told that it's porcelain tile, you are so impressed that you consider installing Vert Barrique flooring in your own home. Another plus to this tile is since it is made of porcelain, it is very durable and able to withstand the elements, which means that you'll spend less time worrying about your tile and more time enjoying it.

Best Used For:

Enjoy the finest quality wood plank porcelain with the Barrique series. Featuring simulated wood grain prints and texture, this tile that looks like wood can be used both indoors and outdoors in places such as: patio and garden areas, kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms.

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