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Barrique Series | Brun | 4x24 | 8x24 | 4x40 | 8x40

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Brun, Woodplank, Porcelain Tile
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When you're not at work, you spend your spare time at the stables helping out the stable hands. You love the laid back, calm atmosphere of the place and when it came time to install new flooring in your home, you wanted to recreate the feeling you get when you're in the stables. The Brun Barrique wood plank porcelain that you found was the perfect combination of modern and rustic, adding charm to your home with every square foot installed. The simulated wood grain pattern, along with the natural texture recreates the barn atmosphere that you love, but in an even more beautiful, durable way. Since Brun Barrique is made of porcelain, it is resistant to scratches, stains and chips, making it ideal for any home. After you have your Brun Barrique flooring installed, you think to yourself that you might be spending a little less time at the stables and a little more time at home enjoying your new porcelain tile flooring.

Best Used For:

Enjoy the finest quality wood plank porcelain with the Barrique series. Featuring simulated wood grain prints and texture, this tile that looks like wood can be used both indoors and outdoors in places such as: patio and garden areas, kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms.

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