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Barrique Series | Gris | 4x24 | 8x24 | 4x40 | 8x40

Barrique Series | Gris | 4x24 | 8x24 | 4x40 | 8x40

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Product Number:2232
  • Sold by:Price/Square Feet
  • Application:Flooring, Countertops, Wall , Backsplash, Pools, Patios
  • Water Absorption:< 0.2%
  • MOHS:6
  • Breaking Strength:>500lbs
  • C.O.F.:Wet > 0.60 | Dry > 0.70
  • Country of Origin:Italy
  • Quantity/box:4"x24" tile | 11.62 sqft | 18 pcs
  • Quantity/box:8"x24" tile | 10.33 sqft | 8 pc
  • Quantity/box:4"x40" tile | 10.76 sqft | 10 pcs
  • Quantity/box:8"x40" tile | 10.76 sqft | 5 pcs
  • Download PDF:Click Here To Download Specs PDF

Order Sample
4x24 Field Tile
4x40 Field Tile
8x24 Field Tile
8x40 Field Tile
2x24 Surface Bullnose sold by pieces

When you were looking for a wood plank porcelain tile for your home, you knew that you wanted something sleek and modern looking. After countless disappointing searches, you finally came across the Barrique series of wood plank porcelain tiles. You settled on the Gris color because you loved the soft cool grey blue tone of the tile and the unique sizes of the planks. Featuring a simulated wood grain pattern, this porcelain tile gives off not only the look of natural wood, but the feel as well. Because this tile that looks like wood is made of porcelain, worries of scratches, stains and chips are not a concern. With minimal maintenance, this wood plank porcelain tile can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Best Used For:

The Barrique wood plank porcelain series is one of the highest grade wood plank porcelain series on the market. This tile can be used both indoors and outdoors for such places including but not limited to: kitchen, living room and bathroom floors, shower walls, pool and patio areas.

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