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Barrique Series | Noir | 4x24 | 8x24 | 4x40 | 8x40

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Noir, Woodplank, Porcelain Tile
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When you were deciding on a new flooring for your home theater, you knew that you wanted something dark and durable. Your search ended when you came across the Noir Barrique wood plank porcelain flooring. With a simulated wood grain pattern, this beautiful dark porcelain tile mimics hardwood with both its look and texture. And no need to stress over spilled food or dropped items, this porcelain tile is extremely durable and requires little maintenance. Once the home theater redecoration is finished and the Noir Barrique wood plank porcelain floor is installed, you smile to yourself and think that you couldn't be happier.

Best Used For:

The Barrique wood plank porcelain series is one of the highest grade wood plank porcelain series on the market. This tile can be used both indoors and outdoors for such places including but not limited to: kitchen, linving room and bathroom floors, shower walls, pool and patio areas.

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