Is your kitchen backsplash looking a little bare? Does it's plain face stare at you and beg for decoration every time you're standing over the stove making dinner? If you're suffering from a depressing backsplash then you're at the right place! Here is a collection of 15 bombastic backsplashes collected to inspire you to get going on creating the amazing kitchen backsplash of your dreams!
























1. This green backsplash works with the decor of the room to bring about a cohesive feeling.












2. Black can be a tricky color to work with, but this black iridescent tile gives this kitchen a modern edge.












3. Calling all girly girls! A pink backsplash is the gateway into your Barbie kitchen dreams.












4. This tiffany blue backsplash perfectly accents to dark wood in this kitchen. The matching island completes the look!









5. A tiled map is a unique way to add some excitement into your backsplash. You can make it extra special by choosing a place that holds sentimental meaning, such as your favorite vacation spot or where you got married. (The map in my kitchen would definitely be of JRR Tolkien's Middle Earth.)







6. Add some funky fun to your kitchen with patterned tiles in the same color scheme.










7. A red mosaic tile adds instant sophistication when paired with dark wood.















8. This backsplash is so fun! An enlarged photo-turned-wallpaper is the perfect way to add character to your kitchen.












9. A silver tin backsplash is  very versatile and can be accented with fun colored kitchen accessories.


















10. I love chevron patterns. They're interesting without being to overwhelmingly pattern-y.















11. A Mediterranean mosaic backsplash gives your kitchen a warm rustic feeling.











12. Create a fun scene from tile to give your kitchen character!














13. Bright, bold colors aren't too overwhelming when paired with neutral cabinets.















14. A colorful semi-random tile mosaic will bring your backsplash back to life!


15. And my favorite! A copper tin backsplash gives your kitchen an eclectic bohemian feel!


Which backsplash is your favorite? What would your dream backsplash look like?