You’re pretty sure you’re partially lost, and you don’t care. You love the way the wind brushes the hair from your eyes and then occasionally back in your eyes. You’ve been hiking these mountains since you were tripping over every rock and your Dad was helping you over every fallen trunk. Each time you come back, its familiarity welcomes you, but it’s always slightly different; always changing, like you. You break left above the tree line and breach the top of the small peak you’re on. This is the one thing that never changes; the way the mountain peaks look above the tree line. The peaks are mesmerizing with the rich white and light gray rocks, speckled with brown and black that dazzles in the light. You sit up there for a couple hours, snacking on an apple and listen to the trees rustle in the wind below. You wish you could create a place in your home that every time you were there, you were here. Bianco Romano granite is exactly the item you need to add to your home to capture the untouched beauty of Mother Nature.