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Bianco Venato Marble Mosaic | 3x6

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Bianco Venato Marble Mosaic | 3x6
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Bianco Venato Travertine Tile

Bianco Venato is a thick rectangular brick-patterned tile made from travertine stones. It comes with snowy blue color. It is very cool to the eyes which are perfect for people who prefer relaxing ambiance.

Advantages of Bianco Venato Travertine

This is a durable brick tile with high quality materials. It lasts quite a long time without wearing or fading. It can be easily installed since it has accurate cuts.

Best Used For:

Bianco Venato 3x6 is perfect for designs with modern artistry. It is best used in outdoor areas like gardens, pool sides, and garages. It can also be used for indoor areas like walls and fire places.

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