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Black Blend Bamboo Glass Mosaic

Black Blend Bamboo Glass Mosaic

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Black Blend Bamboo Mosaic is a modern glass mosaic compromised of black, navy blue, gray and white pieces. The bamboo pattern is created by 8mm wide pieces that interlock sporadically. With a sleek design such as the Black Blend Bamboo possess, this glass mosaic will go perfectly in your new bathroom at home, or the office.


The colors are painted on the back of the glass to avoid the colors chipping away; making Black Blend Bamboo perfect for areas with high use. Glass mosaics are ideal for areas with precipitation because they are not porous, making them stain resistant. 

Best Used For

Use Black Blend Bamboo glass mosaic in both residential and commercial installations. Ideal for smaller spaces because the glass tiles reflect, except for the darkest pieces, and this reflection from light can help a small space look larger. Add Black Blend Bamboo Mosaic to the backsplash in your kitchen or on your vanity. Black Blend Bamboo mosaic can also be used as a border in a residential or commercial bathroom. 

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