1. Blanc Glazed Porcelain | 10x10 | 13x13 | 10x20 | 20x20

Blanc Glazed Porcelain | 10x10 | 13x13 | 10x20 | 20x20

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Blanc Glazed Porcelain Stone Look 10x10 or 13x13 or 10x20 or 20x20
Product Number: 2086
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* Pei Rating : 4
* Breaking Strength: > 464 Ibs
* Shade Variation : V3
* Chemical resistance: Not Effected
* Application: Light Commercial, floor, Wall, Counter top, Back Splash, Pool

The new industrial chic décor in your favorite restaurant definitely has you impressed. The open beam ceilings, hanging pendant lights and Blanc Glazed porcelain tile give the dining area a fresh urban spin. The tan and grey tones that run throughout the tile give the space a feeling of warmth and welcoming while the glazed finish on the tile has just the right amount of shine without being slippery; prefect for high traffic areas.

Best Used For: 

Blanc Glazed Porcelain is best used for in home installations including kitchens and bathrooms. You can substitute use this tile for counter tops and commercial flooring material in your kitchen, living room, entrances, and walls.

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