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Block Symmetry | Mixed Mosaic | 1x2

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Block Symmetry | Mixed Mosaic | 1x2
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Block Symmetry Mix 1x2 is a mosaic made from small, earth-colored, travertine tiles. The tiles come in beige, grey, and off-white shades that will lend any space a cozy, rustic atmosphere.  Each tile has a fine finish with moderate veins showing on the surface. 

Block Symmetry Mix 1x2 will make any space instantly look more interesting because of its unique and charming appearance. The material is also hard-wearing and easy to clean, making it a great choice for floors and walls. Travertine is quite inexpensive compared to other surface materials.

Best used for:
Block Symmetry Mix 1x2 is perfect for creating an interesting accent wall in any room. It can be used for the walls and floors in the shower area.  The tiles can also be an eye-catching backsplash or counter top in the kitchen. 

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