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Botanica Teak | 6x36 | Wood Plank Porcelain

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Botanica Teak 6x36 Wood Plank Porcelain
Product Number: 2215
Availability: In Stock
* Stone Type: Porcelain
* PEI Rating: 4
* Coefficient of Friction: < .6 Wet
* Variations: HD Inject Print
* Residential, Light Commercial Usage

Learning how to play the piano has always been on your list of things to do, and today you're finally taking your first lesson! As you step into your piano teacher's house, you notice how lovely her entry way looks. You look down and notice her Botanica Teak wood plank porcelain flooring and note how it gives the room an air of warmness. Containing both the beauty of hardwood flooring and the easy maintenance of porcelain tile, this flooring is the perfect choice for any busy professional. You feel welcome as you make your way toward the piano, making a mental note to ask her where she got her lovely flooring.

Best Used For:

Botanica Teak Wood Plank Porcelain is perfect for any area of your home, including but not limited to: bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms.

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