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Cafe Light Travertine | 12x12 | Filled | Honed

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Cafe Light Travertine | 12x12 | Filled | Honed
Product Number: 1114
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Cafe Light 12x12 Honed, Filled, Travertine is a medium sized, light brown travertine tile with dark brown and beige veining throughout. It's appearance is very similar to light brown marble. Each tile is filled for a smoother finish and then honed to a dull sheen. The thickness of the tile may vary but each is gauged at 3/8 of an inch.   
Because travertine is softer, it is easier to cut and shape than other surface materials. The neutral color also makes it very easy to incorporate into various color schemes and design concepts. Because the tiles are filled and honed, the material is very durable and will last many years without losing its integrity.

Best used for: 
The tiles are great for both outdoor and indoor use due to its durability. It is great for interior walls and other surfaces like sinks, back splashes, tub and fireplace surrounds, and vanity tops.

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