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Cafe Light Travertine | 12x12 | Tumbled

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Cafe Light Travertine | 12x12 | Tumbled
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Cafe Light 12x12 Tumbled Travertine is a medium sized, off-white travertine tile with light beige veining. Each tile is half an inch thick. The process of tumbling rendered these tiles with softer edges but still left a pitted, natural-looking surface. The porous exterior will allow the tile to absorb moisture making it less durable but certainly more beautiful over time. 
The tumbled travertine has a very natural, aged look that has the ability to make spaces look bigger. Used by itself, it makes any area look simple yet elegant. Matched with other natural materials, it can make a customized, one-of-a-kind space. The beige color can easily be incorporated with any theme and design.  
Best used for: 
Since it is not polished, it is susceptible to weathering, making it less effective for use outdoors. However, the tile is perfect for any indoor surface use such as in entryways, as backsplashes, or as fireplace surrounds.

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