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Cafe Light Travertine | 6x6 | Tumbled

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Cafe Light Travertine | 6x6 | Tumbled
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Cafe Light 6x6 Tumbled Travertine is a medium-sized, square travertine tile. The tumbled stone comes in off-white color with beige tones and light veining. Each tile is half an inch thick. The surface is relatively smooth but still retains its porousness and pits giving it an antique look. Since it is still porous, it will absorb moisture and the tile will eventually gain a richer patina.
Travertine tiles are heat resistant allowing it to stay cool even when exposed to the sun for long. It is also slip-resistant. It is elegant in its simplicity and can make any space appear brighter and larger. The surface is very easy to maintain and would only require regular sweeping and occasional washing.

Best used for: 
This light-colored tile is best for interior and exterior wall and floor covering. It is a great material for facilitating a continuous transition from the garden or patio to the inside of the home.

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