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Cafe Light Travertine | Versailles Pattern | Tumbled

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Cafe Light Travertine | Versailles Pattern | Tumbled
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Some days when you're up early before work, you like to stop in at the coffee shop on the corner for a little early morning coffee and watch the crowds go by out the window. On this particular morning, you decide to stop in for half an hour to relax before your chaotic work day begins. As you sit in your favorite booth, you take a moment to reflect on the calming decor of the coffee shop: the olive green of the walls, the dark brown leather chairs and the Cafe Light travertine tile laid in a Versailles pattern. The tumbled finish of the Cafe Light adds a little bit of rustic charm and makes the shop feel warm and inviting. After you've finished your coffee, you set off to work, feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Best Used For:

Café Light tumbled travertine is ideal for both residential and commercial use. It works well for floors, walls, countertops and shower walls.

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