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Candy Onyx Mosaic | 2x2 | Polished

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Candy Onyx Mosaic | 2x2 | Polished
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Candy Onyx Polished 2x2 is a bigger mosaic made of small multi-colored, onyx tiles. Each tile has its one-of-a-kind look and color which ranges from sienna, light brown to blue green tones. The surface of the tile is polished for a lustrous finish. 

Candy Onyx Polished 2x2 is undoubtedly very beautiful and would render any space instantly stylish. The material is also translucent when backlit, creating a dramatic accent in any room. The distinctive pattern on the tiles makes every piece unique.
Best used for:
Candy Onyx Polished 2x2 is ideal for areas that are not subject to heavy traffic or wear. It is perfect for bar tops, accent walls, and fireplace surrounds. It may also be used on bathroom, living room, and kitchen walls and floors but requires proper sealing.  

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