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Carmel Onyx Mosaic | 1x1 | Polished

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  • Application: Indoor, Outdoor, Floor, Wall, Ceiling
  • Travertine, Mosaic

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Carmel Onyx Polished 1x1 mosaics are stone mosaic tiles that can provide another dimension of unparalleled artistry in your place. From different patterns and sizes, it gives a “jigsaw puzzle” look that can lend a professional and creative appearance to any space.
Carmel Onyx Polished 1x1 mosaics are very easy to clean and maintain. With a clean rag and an inexpensive tile cleaner, it can still look new after a long period of time. Most stone mosaics have limited availability so the probability of finding the same material is quite low.
Best Used For:
Carmel Onyx Polished 1x1 mosaics can be great for pools, shower areas, and kitchen area.

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