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Marble Mosaic| Cararra White | Hexagon |1x1| POLISHED

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Marble Mosaic| Cararra White | Hexagon |1x1| POLISHED
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You recently went out on a bold limb and painted your kitchen cabinets a dark grey. They look amazing and make exactly the dramatic statement that you wanted to make, but you would like to add something with a lighter feel to give your kitchen balance. You decided that a new back splash was the way to go and began researching stone mosaics. Once you saw the Carrara White hexagon mosaic, you immediately fell in love. The creamy white color of the marble tile is exactly the bright pop that your kitchen needed and the grey veins throughout create visual texture and pattern. Once your Carrara White hexagon mosaic tile has been installed, you can't believe just how much it brightens up the room. The hexagon pattern paired with your dark grey cabinets gives your kitchen a look that is somewhere between classic and traditional; the perfect balance for you.

Best Used For:

Carrara White marble polished hexagon stone mosaic tile works well for both indoor and outdoor applications, including but not limited to: bathroom floors, shower walls, kitchen back splashes and patio areas.

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