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Cherry Blossom Marble | 12x12 | 18x18 |  Polished

Cherry Blossom Marble | 12x12 | 18x18 | Polished

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Product Number:1933
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  • Application Indoor, countertop, BBQ counter, floor, wall, Ceiling

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12x12 Field Tile
18x18 Field Tile


Stone Type: Marble


Country: China


Primary Color: Pink


Variations: Medium


Freezing Climate: NO

Weekday mornings are always a rush, and today is no different: as you're hurrying through your early morning routine, you absentmindedly drop your toothbrush onto your Cherry Blossom marble. As you reach down to pick it up, your mind wanders into the soft, glossy blush colored hues of your flooring and you imagine yourself surrounded by nothing but fragrant cherry blossom trees in a still world. You pause for a moment, lost in your day dream, and when you emerge you are feeling calm, recharged and ready to take on your workday.

Best Used For:

Cherry Blossom marble is ideal for indoor projects for your living room, dining room and bedroom. Because of it's polished finish, it is not recommended as flooring in a room that is likely to get wet, such as a kitchen or bathroom because of it's high slip factor.

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