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Chestnut Brown Limestone Tile
Chestnut Brown Limestone Tile

Chestnut Brown | 12x12 | 16x16 | Polished

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Chestnut Brown | 12x12 | 16x16 | Polished
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Chestnut Brown Polished Limestone Tile

These polished tiles are light brown (almost tan) in color with
lots of small, white specks and the occasional slate veins. A mixture of
specks, cloudiness and veins mark this neutral-colored tile.

Advantages of Chestnut Brown Limestone

They are very easy to clean and do not need to be maintained on a daily basis. The
smooth and shiny surface that is polished makes cleaning your floors or walls the hard way a thing of the past.

Best Used For:

Chestnut Brown 12x12, or 16x16 Polished Limestone is perfect for wall and floor installations, specifically those installations in warmer climates. This can also be used for ceilings and walkways as well as substitute for your granite countertops. 

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