I've recently discovered contact paper and I'm in love. It's magical. It's removable. And it can solve many of your home decor dilemmas, especially if you're renting. Can't paint the walls? Contact paper. Can't install a kitchen backsplash? Contact paper. Want a fun drawer liner? Contact paper. Help with your math homework? Contact paper. Solve world hunger?  Contact paper. Are you still paying attention?

Okay, so I might have gotten a little carried away. But  not a lot. Contact paper is to interior decor what Windex is to the family in My Big Far Greek Wedding. A cure all. Problem solver. Magic. Amazing. There are too many short sentences in this post so far. Sorry. (ha!)

The price ranges from affordable to expensive depending on paper, pattern, designer, etc. But I'm telling you, you can totally use this on the cheap, it's even sold at Walmart and Target! I never knew!

Ready to be inspired yet?


doorIf you have a window and want privacy without sacrificing light, cut out shapes of frosted contact paper work great and look like expensive glass. (image via Whitney Lyons)


Contact paper works great for custom labels, chalkboard or otherwise. (image via Nicole Lanteri Designs)


Add contact paper to brighten up a cabinet (image via Darci Goodman Design)


Or the insides of a set of drawers. (image via Ish and Chi)

statement door

Use lots of contact paper to make a statement mural. (image via Heather Merenda)

window shade

Add pattern to a boring window shade. (image via How About Orange)


For those with LOTS of time... give your fridge a makeover! (image via Shoestring Pavillion)

ourside cabinet door 1

Create a faux-woodpattern cabinet door.... (image via Design*Sponge)

outside cabinet door 2

Or a brightly patterned cabinet door! (image via lilibethsgarden)


One of the coolest uses of all! Place clear contact paper in a laser printer and print out photos to make memory candles! You could do this with so many other things too and decorate vases, boxes, walls, furniture.. Even stick it to a clear piece of glass and frame it! Oh, the possibilities! (image via Inspired Ideas)


For the more adventurous, give your electronics a face lift! I'm not sure how it effects the device, so don't quote me on this one! Still a neat idea though. (image via Apartment Therapy)

Those are my favorites! I'm sure there a million and seven other ways to use contact paper that I haven't found or though of yet. What's your favorite way?