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Copper Gold Slate | 4x4| Tumbled

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Copper Gold Slate 4x4 Tumbled
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When you're in your kitchen, you love to use bold flavors, so it only made sense that when it came time to retile your backsplash, you wanted a bold tile to accent your colorful cooking style. It was difficult to find a tile that was bold without being overwhelming, but when you set your eyes upon Copper Gold Slate, you knew that you had found your perfect match. The metallic copper shine of the tile reflects brilliantly in the light and the warm tones blend seamlessly with your decor, giving it just enough visual interest to draw the eye to your backsplash. Now whenever you walk into your kitchen, you can't help but feel more inspired than ever by your unique Copper Gold Slate tile.

Best Used For:

Copper Gold slate is ideal for both indoor and outdoor installations. This versatile slate tile will work with any exsiting décor, from modern and contemporary to traditional and rustic. Perfect anywhere in the home from your patio to your kitchen, Copper Gold Slate tile gives a special touch to any space.

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