1. Corona Sable Porcelain | 12x12 | 24x24 | 12x24 | Glazed

Corona Sable Porcelain | 12x12 | 24x24 | 12x24 | Glazed

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Corona Sable 12x12 Or 12x24 Or 24x24 Glazed Porcelain
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* 12x12: 15 SqFt per Box / 48 Box per PLT/ 15 PCS Per Box
* 12x24: 16 SqFt per Box / 40 Box per PLT/ 8 PCS Per Box
* 24x24: 16 SqFt per Box / 40 Box per PLT/ 4 PCS Per Box

Industrial décor has always been what you've been drawn to, and now that you've moved into a bungalow loft on your own, you have the opportunity to decorate to your hearts content. After a couple of months, your home is looking great: the walls have been painted and you have new Corona Sable glazed porcelain flooring. The asphalt grey color of the tile with tan undertones is the perfect combination of light and dark for your space and the glazed finish on the porcelain tile has a great texture to it. As you walk around your newly decorated space, you think that installing new Corona Sable flooring is the best decision you have made in a long time.

Best Used For:

Corona Sable glazed porcelain does not absorb moisture easily so it is great for floors, kitchen, bathroom walls, and swimming pool areas.

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