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Crate Series | Colonial White | 6x24 | 8x48

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Wood Plank Porcelain Tile Crate Series
Product Number: 2233
Availability: Out of stock
* Water Absorption < 0.1%
* PEI Rating: 5
* MOHS (Scratch Resistance) : 7
* Country of origin: USA
* C.O.F Wet > 0.80 | C.O.F Dry > 0.60

Some of your greatest childhood memories are of spending summers on your grandfather's farm: the animals, the countryside, the endless runs through the cornfields and the time spent playing in his rustic, old whitewashed barn. When you decided that it was time to redecorate your home, you wanted to use these memories as inspiration and found the perfect flooring with this in mind: Colonial White wood plank porcelain. This tile that looks like wood features a whitewashed HD print on the surface that recreates wood grain patterns and textures. At first glance, you had trouble believing that this was porcelain because you thought it was real hardwood! Once your Colonial White wood plank porcelain was installed, your home looked brighter and happier, just like you wanted.

Best Used For:

Colonial White wood plank porcelain will work great for any area of your home, including but not limited to: floors, accent walls, shower walls, patios and garden walk ways. This tile is also recommended for commercial use due to it's durability and versatility.

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