1. Crema Royal Limestone | 18x18 | High Honed (WAREHOUSE CLEARANCE SALE)

Crema Royal Limestone | 18x18 | High Honed (WAREHOUSE CLEARANCE SALE)

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Crema Royal Limestone, 18x18, High Honed
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* Crema Royal Limestone 18x18 High honed 5/8" thick
* 180 pcs per pallet 405 Sqft / pallet

Crema Royal Limestone Tile [Warehouse Clearance Sale]

High Honed tiles are neutral colored tiles that have a uniform thickness across each slab. They are not polished so they retain their nice, raw, matte texture in appearance. Crema Royal tiles have an elegant look that will enhance any tiling project.

Advantage of Honed Limestone

Limestone 18x18 High Honed slabs are extremely durable although they require sealing after installation to prevent stains from setting in. The color makes them very versatile and much sought-after.

Best Used For:

Crema Royal Limestone slabs provide additional strength to high traffic areas like garages, walkways and offices. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the matte treatment gives it a rustic feel. 

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