Nowadays, there are a lot of options for you to choose from for your tiles. If you want a specific theme or vibe in your house, then there is a specific kind of tile that suits just that. Take the limestone tile for example. The limestone tile is the most popular kind of tiles because of the effect brings to the house. Any kind of house can be transformed into what seems like a royal and luxurious house with the use of limestone tile. Moreover, it is widely known for its strength and durability, which means that you will not have to worry about replacing it much often. With all of these reasons mentioned, there is no wonder already why a limestone tile is the first pick of home designers and builders.

As mentioned above, a limestone tile can bring a certain kind of feel to your house. Its unique design and wide array of colors can give you the same “royalty” vibe, while still making your house your very own haven. There are a lot of colors for a limestone tile: green, blue, gray, and dark brown. All of these colors are smooth and translucent in appearance, which will make you think that you are looking at a mirror when looking at a limestone tile. The reason behind this unique and amazing feature is the formation of the limestone from the seas, which makes a limestone tile all- natural.

On the other hand, when you want to incorporate stone work in your home, then go with a travertine tile. A lot of ancient and historic monuments and places are built from travertine, so you can expect durability from a travertine tile. It is widely used in bathrooms and pool areas. Moreover, its brown shade makes it easy for you to match it with any color scheme you choose for your home. A travertine tile can go from beige to brown to red, which is why most people say that it gives off a Mediterranean vibe. Moreover, you can use a travertine tile on counter tops for your kitchen, too.

A travertine tile is very convenient to use because of its light weight and functionality. This kind of tiles is made from the travertine stone, and this stone usually traps a certain amount of air, which is why a travertine tile is lightweight. However, if a travertine tile will be used as a floor tile, it is important that the cavities, which are hollow, be sealed to make it durable. Otherwise, it will easily absorb any liquid that is spilled on it, especially when cracks and damages are already evident on the travertine tile.

Aside from the kitchen and bathrooms, a travertine tile can be used in the patio, too. Again, the tile must be used to ensure its durability and functionality over time. However, these voids can also come in handy, especially in the pool area. Since it absorbs water from the pool, it prevents the walking surface from becoming slippery, making it safe for you and your family members.