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Dorado Limestone | 12x12 | Honed

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Dorado Limestone | 12x12 | Honed
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Pacifica Dorado High Honed 12x12 Limestone is a very porous material that is made of multiple layers of calcium carbonate, compressed through time. Although limestone naturally comes in white (like the color of chalk),the color tones vary and veins or bands of contrasting color run throughout the stone in  different shades from light gold to beige creamy  

Pacifica Dorado High Honed 12x12 Limestone lends a very textured look to your surfaces although it must be treated with a sealant so that it does not absorb water and affect its appearance over time. 

Best Used For:
Pacifica Dorado High Honed 12x12 Limestone can be used both for indoor and outdoor installations – from living room walls to exterior walls although to help protect the tile’s quality, it is recommended that the tiles be used indoors. 

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