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Durango Hop Scotch 4x12

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Durango Hop Scotch 4x12
Product Number: 1299
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Durango Hop Scotch 4x12 is a rectangular piece made out of carbonate materials obtained from hot springs and rivers. It is a combination of brown and pink colors. It adds a special look to any space since its patterns and colors are combined perfectly. 

Durango Hop Scotch 4x12 is the perfect choice in terms of practicality. It is very durable and strong. In terms of pricing, it does not come with an expensive price tag. The piece is designed with uniform sizes so it is very easy to install. Since this piece has a unique neutral color scheme, it is perfect in creating a simple but elegant appearance. 

Best Used For: 
Durango Hop Scotch 4x12 is a versatile material that is perfect for both interior and exterior purposes. It can be used in gardens, walls, and other similar applications.

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