1. Durango Porcelain | 20x20 | Glazed

Durango Porcelain | 20x20 | Glazed

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Durango Porcelain | 20x20 | Glazed
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* Country : Italy
* PEI Rating: 4
* Coefficient of Friction: >.6 wet
* Shade Veriation : V3
* Commercial Usage: Light , Heavy Residential Usage: yes

When you were remodeling your kitchen, you knew that you loved the look of stone tile but you weren't sure that you would be able to afford it. During your search for stone floors, you came across Durango porcelain tile. With a natural stone print on porcelain, this tile looked so much like travertine that you weren't able to tell the difference. And because Durango tile is made from porcelain, you were able to get the natural stone look without the natural stone price! You discovered that another benefit of porcelain tile is that it is incredibly durable and scratch, stain and chip resistant; a quality that is not prevalent in natural stone tiles. Once you learned all of this about Durango porcelain tile, you were sold and have loved your tile ever since.

Best Used For:

Durango glazed porcelain tile is best used for both outdoor and indoor walls and floors. It can also be used in commercial areas such as bathrooms, kitchen, and reception areas.

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