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Durango Roman Square 4x12 | Out of stock

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Durango Roman Square 4x12
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Durango Roman Square 4x12 Durango Roman Square 4x12 is a travertine stone border that comes in the shade of dirty white and brown. It is mostly made up of limestone and other carbon related minerals. Its neutral color can instantly provide a homey and cooler experience to any kind of space. 

Durango Roman Square 4x12 is available in several designs and patterns. It is made up of durable materials and it can still look new after a long period of time. It is very easy to clean and maintain since there is no need for expensive tile cleaners. 

Best Used For: 
Durango Roman Square 4x12 is best used for adding a different dimension to floors and walls. It is a type of material that is great for indoor and outdoor use. So whether it is for your garden or your kitchen, this decorative piece is an amazing option.

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