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Durango Travertine | 18x18 | Filled | Honed

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Durango Travertine | 18x18 | Filled | Honed
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When it was time to redecorate your bathroom, you wanted a tile that was beautiful but subtle, nothing too loud. Your bathroom had a current, minimalist spa like theme, so you wanted a tile that would complement your existing décor. Once you settled on travertine as your stone of choice, it was a long process to find the perfect shade. However, the minute you saw Durango travertine on Tile-Stones.com, you knew that your search was over. The light tan / peach shade of the tile is exactly what was needed to accent the tans, whites, and light blues that already pepper your bathroom in the form of accessories. The filled travertine ensures that the quality of the tile will not be compromised and the honed finish provides a smooth, matte surface.

Best Used For:

Durango travertine can be used for flooring in the kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom. It can also be used for wall applications in the bathroom, kitchen and can be used for kitchen countertops. Outdoor use is popular as well for pool lining and patios.

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