1. Eddie Caramel Glazed Porcelain | 20x20

Eddie Caramel Glazed Porcelain | 20x20

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Eddie Caramel Glazed Porcelain | 13x13 | 20x20
Product Number: 2103
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* Pei Rating : 5
* Breaking Strength: > 413 Ibs
* Shade Variation : V3
* Chemical resistance: Not Effected
* Application: Light Commercial, floor, Wall, Counter top, Back Splash, Pool

As enticing and appealing as a caramel apple at the county fair, Eddie Caramel porcelain tile is a wonderful choice for your home. The caramel, cream and rust tones create the perfect blend of colors for anyone desiring a rustic appeal. The glazed finish on the tile gives it a seamless blend of matte, polish and texture, creating a floor that will add a beautiful design feature to any space. The simulated stone look of the tile makes it a more cost efficient replacement for natural stone, saving you money and the hassle of the upkeep of natural stone. Porcelain tile is extremely durable, and is scratch and stain resistant, letting you rest easy with plenty of time to enjoy your Eddie Caramel Glazed tile!

Best Used For:

These tiles are perfect options for swimming pool materials, outdoor terraces and verandas as well as your kitchen counter tops and back splashes. This tile also makes excellent bathroom and living room floors and counter tops.

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