You find the perfect DIY on Pinterest (or whatever your source is) and you are on a DIY high that you will totally get this project!


You gather your materials and you always find a super deal so you get more than you planned because you can make this craft as a present down the road!


You finally start your project and you know you have this. You have all the pieces you need, your glue gun is ready to go and you’re stoked.


You get started easy enough but then you notice your project isn’t quite looking like the pictures in the tutorial on the same step…


You start to look up the project on other blogs and sources to see if maybe your version matches one of those. You’re still relatively calm at this point.


You find one source that sort of looks like your version and you decide to start following that tutorial instead.


You continue on your crafting journey and your project finally starts to come together!


You can’t believe your project basically looks like the tutorial and you are excited to share it with the world!


You are so excited when you see people wishing they could make something like that… Until that one person posts a picture in their comment of the same DIY project but about a thousand times better.


It’s not a big deal. They’re super crafty anyway, good for them! You are so excited when your significant other/kid/roommate comes home to show them what you made; only to have them ask “Why’d you make that?”


Overall you are happy with your project and can’t wait to never make that craft again.



Was this pretty accurate for all you crafters out there? I know when I take on a challenging project I usually get support but sometimes this happens and I’m glad I’m just making the project once! What projects have you attempted that you wish you hadn’t once you were finished?