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Empress Green Marble| 12x12 | Polished

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Empress Green Marble| 12x12 | 18x18 | Polished
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Only the richest of Emerald jewels could match the coloring in Empress Green Marble tiles. The base is a deep hunter green with cream colored veins sporadically breaking up the tiles. Throughout the tiles there are dark green, almost black spots adding dimension. Surrounding the lighter cream veins, there are loose borders of pale green that fans out, almost as foliage on a branch. With such an elegant combination of colors, it will be easy adding Empress Green Marble tiles to your next remodel or build.


Marble is a classic stone to use to add an ambiance of class and elegance to any space. With the color combination Empress Green Marble has, the ambiance will fill up the space and catch every eye in the room.

Best Used For:

Empress Green Marble tiles are ideal for commercial and residential installations. Add Empress Green Marble to the floors in your entry way, kitchen, living room or board room. Being 3/8 thick, Empress Green Marble Tiles will be perfect for your installation.

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