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Eramosa Grey | 12x24 | Porcelain Tile

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12x24 Vein Cut | Italian Porcelain Tile Eramosa Grey
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While strolling though your city's community garden, you glanced down and really looked for the first time at the path that you were walking on. Eramosa Grey porcelain tile lined the path and marked the way through tulips, oak trees, roses and rich soil. Although man made, this porcelain tile looked like it fit right in with it's natural surroundings. The grey earth tones of the tile blended splendidly with nature and the smooth veining that ran though out glided along the tile, almost as if floating. Because Eramosa Grey porcelain tile is an extremely durable tile, it had not lost its unique beauty despite existing outside in the elements. As you continue your walk through the garden, you come to the conclusion that the Eramosa Grey tile makes your natural surroundings that much more beautiful.

Best Used For:

Eramosa Grey porcelain tile works well both indoors and outdoors. It is great for outdoor garden, fire pit or patio areas. Inside the home, it works well in kitchens, bedrooms, hallways and bathrooms.

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