1. Essence Pearl Porcelain | 12x24
Essence Pearl 12x24 Porcelain Tile
Essence Pearl 12x24 Porcelain Tile

Essence Pearl Porcelain | 12x24

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Essence Pearl 12x24 Porcelain Tile HD print
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* PEI Rating : 4
* Country: Turkey
* Shade Variation : V3
* Chemical resistance: Not Effected
* Water Absorption : < 0.5%

When sailing your boat in the cove on the weekends, you occasionally decide to gather oysters and have a sea food cookout in the evening. One night, you found the most beautiful pearl when you were cleaning out the oysters and were taken by its color and shine. When it came time to change up the flooring in your house, you remembered the pearl and wanted that to be your inspiration. When you set your eyes on Essence Pearl porcelain flooring, you knew that you had found the perfect tile. With an almost iridescent like shine, the porcelain print has a slate like pattern and a glazed texture finish, reminiscent of natural stones. Looking at the pearl that you have displayed on your wall and you Essence Pearl porcelain tile flooring, you couldn't be happier with your room decor.

Best Used For:

Essence Pearl porcelain is best used as a flooring material for indoor and outdoor applications such as living rooms, hallways, kitchen floors showers, bathrooms and even office lobbies.

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