1. Fantasia Pecan Glazed Porcelain | 13x13 | 20x20

Fantasia Pecan Glazed Porcelain | 13x13 | 20x20

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Fantasia Pecan Glazed Porcelain 6.5x6.5 or 13x13 or 12x24 or 20x20
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* Pei Rating : 5
* Breaking Strength: > 465 Ibs
* Shade Variation : V3
* Chemical resistance: Not Effected
* Application: Light Commercial, floor, Wall, Counter top, Back Splash, Pool

Your recent trip to the Grand Canyon has been the inspiration for your new home décor. You fell in love with the earthy tan, brown and red tones of this spectacular wonder and replicated it in your own personal slice of heaven. The Fantasia Pecan Glazed porcelain tile has the beautiful look of stone with the inexpensive price tag of porcelain tile, and when you learned that porcelain is one of the most durable types of tile (it's resistant to stains and scratches), you were sold on installing it in your own home. The burnt orange tones of the tile work beautifully with the tan and dark brown decor of your living room and the glaze finish gives you the perfect amount of shine and texture.

Best Used For: 

Fantasia Pecan Glazed porcelain tile is great in residential kitchens or bathrooms. It is also great as a shower wall, bathroom wall, or as a counter top or back splash in the kitchen. It is ideal for spaces that are exposed to heavy-foot traffic, as it can handle the wear.

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