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Fiorito Beige Marble Brick Mosaic | 3x6

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Fiorito Beige Marble Brick Mosaic | 3x6
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Fiorito Beige 3x6 is a travertine stone mosaic piece that heightens up the artistry factor in any kind of surface. It is available in the shade of beige and it has cloudy but elegant patterns. It comes in a shiny and reflective surface that gives an additional appeal to your place. 
Fiorito Beige 3x6 provides several designs and colors. It is also comes in different dimensions that can always match up with your personal preferences. In terms of installation, this stone mosaic is not that difficult to set up at all. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Best Used For:
Fiorito Beige 3x6 turns a boring space into a creative surface like floors and walls. It is perfect in bathroom and kitchen areas. It can also be used in outdoor surfaces like in swimming pool, shower or Jacuzzi areas.

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