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Picasso Travertine | Versailles Pattern | Chiseled | Brushed | Unfilled

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When it comes to art, your home is a blank canvas and you are the artist; it is beautifully decorated with purpose, down to the last corner. When your beloved carpet was past the point of being saved, you decided that this time when you installed new flooring, you would go a completely different route. Natural stone was what you had in mind and the product that you chose had to be the best of the best. Once you discovered Picasso Travertine from Tile-Stones.com, you knew that you had found the perfect flooring to complete your picturesque home. Bathed in rich creamy tones with alternating light and dark veining throughout, this travertine tile is sure to be a stunner in any home. The chiseled edge and finish reminiscent of stones found in nature, add rustic appeal to any space, conjuring images of sunny city paths in Italy, and exotic villa architecture in Spain. The Versailles pattern provides various ways of styling and the neutral base color will blend with an array of decor styles. After you have installed Picasso Travertine tile in your home, you consider your flooring to be your favorite work of art.

Best Used For:

Picasso Versailles Pattern travertine can be used for floors and walls for both indoor and outdoor projects such as: dining areas, patios, kitchens and bathrooms. It can also be used for accent walls, garden pathways and shower walls.

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