There's no doubt about it- your home is a reflection of you! From the choices of knick-knacks displayed or furniture on the inside to your patio swing or succulent garden on the outside, the difference between a house and home is all in the way you make it your own. Your front door lies at the heart of this- the smile on the face of your home, a fun front door can be a way to add a pop of color to an exterior neutral palette or act as an extension of the style that can be found inside.

Colorful: One way to spice up your front door is repainting it a bold hue. A simple DIY that could be completed in an afternoon, a colorful addition to the front of your home can result in a more inviting and aesthetically pleasing exterior. A bright front door is a lovely way to greet all those who enter your humble abode!


Pretty Shapes: Instead of getting boxed into tradition, an intricate shaped front door is a beautiful way to add interest to the facade of your home! Trade the usual rectangular shape for a door with more personality! From archways to ornate geometric shapes, a pretty shape is a great way to evoke your design aesthetic to your home.


All in the Details: Adding a simple design or foliage around your front door is perfect for changing tastes or seasons. A crawling vine donned with petite flowers or ivy or a new lock or door knocker can refresh your entryway with little effort and cost. Designing your own wreath is an excellent way to add some visual interest to your front door without the commitment of painting!


From Around the World: When I was traveling through Ireland, I couldn't help but notice how the front doors varied from city to city. The more rural areas had classic doors made from wood and stone while the front doors in the city were uniform but varied greatly in color. Some global inspiration can definitely influence your own style!


If you had the chance or have been thinking about revamping your front door, which of these styles would you choose? Would you opt for a small change like a wreath or spend the afternoon painting your front door a bright color?