Craft paper is something that a lot of people have and, unless you're an avid scrap-booker, it more than likely sits in a drawer gathering dust (or in my case on a book shelf). I say it's time to get that craft paper out and put it to good use! Below are six fun decorating ideas to give new life to your paper!


Banish boring drawers by using your craft paper to line the insides of them!



Dress up a plain closet door with feminine floral craft paper in a tiled patter.



The same theory as above can be applied to a wall to create a visually interesting accent wall.


 Cut letters out of your favorite patterns to spell out an inspiring message, like the "CREATE" word on this wall.



Create a bulletin board that matches your decor by adding colorful craft paper.



For those who are more daring, design an entire mural made of craft paper!


Be sure to always use paper friendly glue when designing with craft paper to ensure that your designs will last! It might be a good ideal to laminate as well in order to prevent fading if your project is in a spot that gets regular sunlight.

Happy Crafting!